Audio Engineers

If you need a sound man, you can trust Glass Elephant Pro's staff of professional sound engineers to set your mix exactly how you want it. Our team is trained by engineering veteran William Campbell, and with a total of 30-plus years of experience, they're fully prepared to handle any and all sound reinforcement situations.

AJ Marin and William Campbell at the mixing console

Band and DJ Support

Our specialty! All of our staff are musicians too, and they know that when you're on stage, you need a sound crew that has your back. From the simplest speaker setups to festival-size reinforcement, Glass Elephant Pro's engineers will work hard to get you all the amplification you need, the on-stage monitor support you want, and a mix exactingly tailored to your audience.

Glass Elephant bringing the sound

Speaking Amplification

Make your voice heard loud and clear. Glass Elephant Pro can help you find the right speaker and mic setup for any size room and crowd. For ceremonies, galas, conferences, auctions, sporting events and more, trust our crew to help get your message out confidently to every one of your listeners.

Speaking amplification and PA support

Installation and Consulting

At Glass Elephant Pro, we know that every venue is unique--from the size of the room, indoors or outside, to crowds small and large. Our crew's sharp eyes and tuned ears can give you detailed recommendations for your space: speaker combinations, lighting options, ideal placement, and more. Our experienced team can also professionally install your PA or sound system, to keep your space looking as good as it will sound.

Consult with us for a variety of sound reinforcement options

Mobile Recording

When you can't come to the studio, have the studio come to you! Glass Elephant Pro is fully equipped to capture your sound with multitrack recording, mixing and mastering, Midas preamps, Apple computers, and Logic recording software.

WD mixing on the iPad
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